February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day '11

Just a few facts about our 2011 Valentine's Day:

-Austin woke us up by climbing in our bed at 6:15 am.  This is about 2 hours before his normal waking time.  He apparently could not wait a moment longer to wish us a Happy Valentine's Day.

-Owen politely stayed in bed until 8am, which is about an hour later than he normally wakes up.

-We gave the boys their Valentine's cards and a few small gifts to celebrate the day.  Austin received a toy monster truck and a smaller car that matched it.  For the rest of the day he talked about his monster truck and "matching car."  He thought we meant that the cars name was matching car, so that is what he now calls it!

-We ate leftovers for lunch, and since it was Valentine's Day, I let Austin eat his meal while playing with stickers.  He seemed very pleased with himself.

-Ryan surprised me with flowers and tickets to see Cats in Charlotte coming up in May.  I was really excited, it's definitely a musical I've always wanted to see.

-The weather has been so nice lately so we spent part of the afternoon outside.  Owen enjoyed sitting on his blanket and watching Austin run around and play.  It really made me look forward to the day when both boys are old enough to run around and play together.  It also made me long for Spring and the return of green grass, sunshine, warmer weather, flip flops and afternoons at the pool!

-Ryan and Austin went out later that evening to run some errands.  Austin came back with 2 more Cars Shake 'n Go toys, 2 Where's Waldo books and a Cars Play a Sound book.  This from the guy who gets mad at me for getting the boys something out of the Target dollar bins every time we go!

-While they were out, Ryan noticed that none of the local restaurants looked very busy and he thought we should go out to eat when he got home at 7pm.  I was happy not to have to cook, but a little weary of taking both boys out on Valentine's Day so close to bedtime.  We waited 10 minutes for a table, but an hour for our food to finally arrive.  During that time, Austin was delirious from being both tired and hungry and was having some serious mood swings.  One moment he was singing Wheels on the Bus at the top of his lungs and the next he was begging to go home and go to sleep and climbing out of his booster seat and laying down in the booth.  He also stole all the croutons out of Ryan's salad like some poor little orphan who hadn't eaten in days.  And Owen?  Well, he sat in his high chair happily until he got choked on a yogurt melt and projectile vomited his pureed peas and spinach all over our table.  Oh yeah, we were totally THAT family.  So, in order not to completely ruin the romantic evening of all the other couples around us, we had our food boxed up and left ASAP.

-When we were finally on our way home, I thanked my dear husband for a wonderful and romantic evening out.  We both laughed.  It may not have been ideal, but it sure was a Valentine's day to remember!

-Once the boys were finally in bed, we reheated our dinner, popped open a bottle of champagne and watched the Bachelorette together.  We ate and drank and discussed how were getting bored with Emily, Shawntel's giant tattoo, Britt's awkward date (and how she could stand to gain a few pounds), the extremely uncomfortable group date, and then we both cheered when Michelle finally got sent home.  It was a good night.

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Hahaha, great post!


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