January 22, 2009

Bath in a bucket

I bought Austin something called a WashPod for Christmas because we've gotten in the routine of having a bath every night before bed. Of course, he doesn't really get that dirty so I was only washing him every other night or every 2 nights so his skin didn't dry out too much. The other times he just sat in the bath and I poured warm water over him so he could relax.

Well the WashPod is like a bucket you fill with water and baby sits upright in it. It's supposed to simulate the womb but I liked it because it would submerse Austin in the water so he wouldn't get too cold. (It also requires less water than his bathtub which saves us money and is better for the environment!) Here are some pictures of Austin in the WashPod. He really enjoys it and especially likes trying to lick the water!

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grandma jo ann said...

All the pictures are my favorite....He cannot make a
bad photo


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