January 4, 2009

Winter woes

Well we finally made it through the weekend with a pitifully sick little one. He was so miserable and it just killed me and Ryan to see him and not be able to do much to make him feel better. I know how whiny I get when I'm sick and it makes me so proud of my little man for doing as well as he did! After seeing how sick and pitiful he was, Ryan made the comment that he wanted to find the individual who gave Austin these germs and punch them in the face. It was funny to see how protective he got of his little boy...Ryan's such a sweet daddy!!!

Austin only had a simple cold but since baby's don't know how to clear their noses, I basically had to do it for him with a bulb syringe and saline. Of course he screamed everytime I did it and I don't blame him because I'm sure it wasn't comfortable. I got out as much 'stuff' as I could but he was still so congested that he could hardly eat or suck on his pacifier because it made it hard for him to breathe. A couple times after getting a little food in him he would start to cough so violently that he would throw it all back up. This was about the saddest thing to watch and made us both feel incredibly helpless. Ryan and I just tried to soothe him as best we could while he was awake and do whatever possible to try and make things a little easier for him.

Well anyway, this morning I woke up to the sounds of Austin cooing in his crib and was pleasantly surprised to see his smiling back at me when I went to get him. He smiled and giggled while I talked to him and changed his diaper and even ate a lot more than he had been. He did have one pretty bad coughing fit but he sounded much better today than he has in a while. We did skip church, however, just to make sure Austin didn't pass anything on to the other babies in the nursery.

Ryan and I were so happy and relieved to see that Austin was feeling better, but unfortunately it seems that the two of us have now caught the dreaded cold! Luckily we spent Saturday taking down all the Christmas decorations and getting the house in order so today we just moped around, napped, sniffled and coughed. Hopefully the whole family will be back to normal by the weekend and we can finally get out of the house for a little while and do a little after Christmas shopping!!

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All these B's and Me! said...

Awww poor little Austin! :o( I hope you guys get rid of that nasty old cold. Have a good day.


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