January 8, 2009

Well baby visit

This afternoon was Austin's 2 month well baby doctor's visit. We've been looking forward to and dreading this day all at the same time. I was excited about hearing Austin's new growth percentiles but dreading the 4 shots he was going to get!!

As for growth, he is now almost 15 lbs. and 23.25 inches long. His weight percentile dropped down a tiny bit to 83rd and his height dropped to the 45th percentile. I was a little concerned about his height percentile since I myself am only 4'10 and that height would be devastating to a boy, but the doctor said that even if he remains in this percentile range he would still be about 5'8 or so. Of course, we are still hoping he can come close to reaching his dad's height of 6'1!

As for Austin's cold, things seem to be clearing up pretty well. The doctor noticed a little congestion but nothing to be worried about and said that baby's this young with colds could take up to 2 weeks before they are symptom free. He does, however, have blocked tear ducts which have caused his leaky eyes that we thought were being caused by the cold. It's nothing to worry about yet, I just have to massage the ducts a few times a day to try and clear them, but if they don't clear up by about 6 months it could require a simple surgical procedure to correct.

The doctor also noticed at this visit patches of excema on Austin's back and arms. He said this is usually genetic but neither me or Ryan know of any family with this skin condition. The only thing to do really is to cut out all perfumed lotions, shampoos and body washes and rub him down twice a day with thick unscented, hypo-allergenic lotion and some hydrocortisone. He said not to worry and that this routine should clear it up pretty well.

Finally, the moment we were dreading, it was time for the shots. Two nurses came in and took two needles a piece and jabbed his little thighs at the same time. At first Austin had a look of shock come over his face, then he started to wail once he realized what had just happened. It was over very fast and I picked him up and he whimpered a little but quieted down almost immediately. When I went to put his clothes back on he even gave me a smile to let me know it was all OK. :) I've got such a brave little boy!!

We left the office and Austin fell asleep on the ride home and took a little 15 minute nap. He's now up and playing and happy as can be so it looks like the shots barely phased him! I can't seem to stop from tearing up when I think about the event, however. I'm happy that we at least get two months off before anymore shots.

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