September 14, 2009

Early Birthday Gift

I have already bought Austin's birthday presents and a few of his Christmas ones as well and they are currently sitting on our dining room table awaiting wrapping. Of course I walk by this plethora of toys, clothes and books several times a day and I'm constantly tempted to open them all and have a big fun play day with all the cool new stuff. Well, this afternoon I finally gave in to temptation and opened the Playskool Busy Ball Popper in honor of my little guy turning 11 months old tomorrow (and because it just looked so fun)!

So, I popped all the pieces together and rounded up 4 D batteries and a screwdriver all while Austin was sitting there watching me and trying to get his hands on the new toy. "Success!" I'm thinking to myself as he already seems pretty interested in it and he hasn't even seen it in action yet! I turn the new toy on and it does its ball-poppin' tricks and of course Austin is amused and is trying to grab all the balls as they pop out and then gets a little frustrated that the toy is faster than he is and those dern balls keep disappearing before he can get his hands on them.

Woo hoo! He finally grabs the pink one and then the yellow one and puts them back down the chute so they can pop out again. Meanwhile, I'm grinning from ear to ear and so proud of myself for getting the greatest toy ever that he's sure to enjoy for a long, long time....WRONG! I turn my head for a minute and he's off to the diaper stack to pull them all out and spread them on the floor...then to the bottles of lotion and diaper rash cream....and then, the actual greatest toy ever....the box that his new Busy Ball Popper came in!

Sometimes I wonder why we spend all this money on brightly colored plastic toys for our children when they'd much rather play with random objects found around the house!?

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