November 4, 2010

6 Months

Owen is 6 months old today.  Where does the time go?!?

There are so many new things to share, I just can't believe how fast he's growing and changing!

-Owen is sitting by himself really well now.  He can sit for several minutes with no support and even pick up toys around him and chew on play with them.

-He's a mover!!  Owen can scoot all over the place and I don't think we're far from crawling.  He does the scoot and lunge combo to get what he wants and then puts that item directly into his mouth.  FYI-the scooting/crawling stage is much more difficult when you've got a 2 year old in the house leaving his toys and things all around.  I've walked out of the room for a second and come back to find Owen with a toy car, diaper, book, phone and shoe in his mouth!

-He can push up onto all fours now and looks like he's trying to crawl.  It's about to get interesting around here!

-Owen loves to blow raspberries!

-We've got a really great schedule going now.  Owen wakes up around 7am, naps at 9am, 12:30pm and 4pm for about an hour and a half and then goes to bed at 7:30.  He still wakes up once at night to eat but usually not until 4am.  I'm not in any huge hurry to break this habit though because he's still going for about 10 hours without eating before he wakes and those early morning feeding help me keep my supply up.

-Owen is still exclusively breastfed and eating around every 3-4 hours.  He also eats about 2 oz. of baby food a day over 2 feedings.  He's not a big fan of peaches but seems to like everything else!

-He's still a thumb sucker and I'm starting to like it!  No dropped or dirty pacis to deal with, no worrying whether or not you've got one every time you leave the house, no running upstairs in the middle of the night to reinsert a paci to calm a screaming baby, etc.  Right now Owen only sucks his thumb when he's tired or trying to go to sleep.  I hope it stays that way since you can't take a thumb away.

-In the past couple of weeks Owen has learned to put himself to sleep.  It was completely by accident too!  I was rocking him every time until he fell asleep and then putting him down, but occasionally had to put him down awake to go check on Austin and then came back to find a sleeping baby.  I'm glad he can soothe himself to sleep but it also makes me a little sad that he doesn't need me as much anymore!!

-He grabs EVERYTHING!  That little boy can't sit still for a moment without trying to grab at anything and everything in sight.  The remote, the phone, jewelry, hair, pages in a book, the centerpiece on the kitchen table, the camera, Austin...he's just got to have something in his hands at all times!  (Austin is not amused by this skill, especially when Owen gets a chunk of his hair!)

-Owen has 2 teeth and is working on a couple more.  At this rate he'll catch up to his brother in no time!

-For his weight, Owen should be wearing size 6-9 month clothes, but length wise he fits better in 12 months.  However, since he's long and lean, pants any bigger than 6-9 months fall right off.  I think he's just going to have to wear a lot of one pieces and overalls this winter...

-Owen is such a happy baby.  I can make him smile just by looking at him and he lights up when he's around people.  He loves to be held and cuddled but also doesn't mind playing solo on the floor or jumping in his jumperoo.  He loves his mama and his big brother and watches us wherever we go.  He rarely cries or fusses, in fact he's pretty quiet all around, but will let out a huge belly laugh when you tickle him or make funny faces and sounds.  He's got the sweetest blue eyes, the biggest open-mouth smile and the most precious personality to go along with it.  He makes me one proud mommy!

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Kristy said...

He is precious! We have the long and lean "problem" going on as well!


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