November 23, 2010


My little sister is getting married in March so her fiance's family gave them a little engagement party the other weekend.  It was really nice to finally meet my sister's future in-laws and get to know them.  Nick's family seems to be really cool, just like him! :-)

The highlight of the evening, however, was watching Austin and his new best friend, Jack, play together the entire night.  Jack is Nick's cousin and one super sweet little boy.  He just loved playing with Austin and Austin was really attached to Jack.  In fact, the next morning when he woke up, Austin asked where Jack was.  They had so much fun playing together in Jack's room that we barely heard from Austin the entire night.  Sometimes other kids can be the best babysitters!!

 Austin & Jack

 Aunt Ca Ca with Owen and her future mother-in-law

 Owen loves his Aunt Ca Ca!

Some of the Banks side of the family 

Nick and his Mom 

The sweet Bride & Groom-to-be with their super adorable nephews! 

Aunt Ca Ca, Austin and Jack cheesin'

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Keri said...

Wow! Nick's mom looks about 24 in that first picture. I thought you made a typo at first when you said mother in law!

CONGRATS CATHERINE!! Just so you know I"m inviting myself to everything from here on out!! I feel like my little sis is getting married again1 ;)


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