November 16, 2010

It's Basketball Season!

Friday night was the opening game for Clemson Basketball.  Am Ma came over to watch the littlest guy since the game wasn't until 8pm and waaay past his bedtime, but we took Austin with us because we knew he'd have fun and could handle the late night. We were right!  At 2, his blood already runs orange and he cheered on our Tigers to victory.  His favorite part of the game?  Free Throws.  Most Clemson basketball fans hate the dreaded free throw, but Austin loved getting the chance to throw his hands up in the air and "Whoosh!" when the ball went in (which wasn't as often as we liked, unfortunately).

This is Austin's 3rd season of Clemson basketball.  Here's a look at the past three years...


Here's to another great season of Clemson basketball.  Go Tigers!!!

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Keri said...

What a cute little Tiger!!


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