November 23, 2010

Looking for Ideas...

I'm stuck...stuck in a rut...

I feel like I'm running out of fun and new things to do with my boys all day.  Things have gotten pretty monotonous around here, thus the lack in blogging.  There's just nothing to blog about when there's nothing interesting going on!  Of course, I could post pictures of my beautiful boys all day long, but I need more substance and we need more entertainment.

I just feel like we've done it all!  We play with blocks, read books, color, sing songs, play silly games, go outside, take trips to the playground and go out to lunch.  We watch a little TV, crash cars, throw balls, make music, have snacktime, draw with chalk and play with toys.  What else is there??

My mom suggested daily "lesson plans" to do with Austin while Owen takes his morning nap and I like that idea and it's something I'm going to look into.  I want to make it fun though and I need a ton of ideas if it's something I'm going to do on a daily basis.  Owen is only asleep for about 2-3 hours a day though, so I need some other ideas that I can incorporate both boys into.

We do try and go somewhere everyday or at least every other day (depending on my energy level), and places I can take both boys at this stage by myself are somewhat limited, so I really just need ideas on what to do while we're home.

Any ideas are more than welcome.  I'd especially love to hear from some of you mommies out there and those of you who are teachers....teachers always have wonderful ideas!  Also, any playdate offers are more than welcome!

Help!  The boredom is taking over!

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Keri said...

I have the same problem sometimes so I have no real advice. Sometimes, though I realize that I'm bored, but not Kylie (Blair obviously doesn't quite count yet) so maybe you need to find something you can do a few minutes at a time to recharge your brain? You obviously don't have a lot of free time or free hands... Exercise videos! I bet Austin would love trying to keep up with you and imitate you.

I do have one fool-proof idea: move back here, be my neighbor and we can entertain each other. :)


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