April 2, 2011

10 Things I learned from the stomach flu

1.  Just go ahead and ditch the potty training efforts for a few days and stock up on a few extra diapers.  You will be thankful when you are only scrubbing regurgitated banana out of your carpet as opposed to...well...you know...

2.  Hydrocortisone cream and warm baking soda baths are a HUGE help with soothing that horrible hieny rash.

3.  Buy the store brand Pedialyte and save some money...it's most likely gonna come back up anyway.  Oh, and stay away from grape flavor or any other flavor who's color doesn't blend in with your living room decor.

4.  Zofran is a miracle drug, call your doctor and get some.

5.  Keep wipes and towels within arms reach at all times.  Make sure you've got some clean crib sheets on hand as well.

6.  Moms make excellent targets for the expelling of bodily fluids.  Just remember, it's a lot easier to take a shower and wash clothes than it is to scrub down a stretch of carpet or a cloth sofa.

7.  Milkshakes make everything better.

8.  Dust off some of those old Disney movies that you enjoyed from your childhood.  Episode after episode of Dora, Mickey Mouse and Team Umizoomi will get old....fast!

9.  Children who are sick can be ultra sensitive and quite irritable.  Keep reminding yourself that it won't last forever, try to stay calm, and don't forget to take deep breaths.

10.  Don't beat yourself up because your child has been watching a lot more tv than normal, hasn't eaten a well-balanced meal in a week, and you haven't left the house in days. Even though it's not your idea of a productive week, cartoons, milkshakes, french fries, and staying in your pjs all day seems like a pretty good deal to a kid!

(FYI-my previous post was an April Fool's joke...I am definitely NOT pregnant!!!)

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