April 5, 2011

Owen is 11 Months!

Oh, Owen!  What a busy month this has been!  11 months down and one to go before the big 1st birthday. Where has my little baby gone?  I have no idea...but I'm loving every minute with my almost toddler!

Now here are those 11 month facts you've been waiting for...

-Saying mama, dada, baba, and bye bye

-Clapping his hands all the time and waving bye-bye (so cute!)

-Took his first unassisted steps on 4/3/11, but is still a little apprehensive about walking on his own

-Loves to push his walker around the house (video coming soon!)

-Has learned to blow bubbles in the bath and is really proud of himself when he does so

-Also likes to blow raspberries on mommy, daddy and Austin's bellies!

-Loves, loves, loves his books, especially Pat the Bunny and any book with flaps

-Frozen yogurt is by far his new favorite treat

-Transitioning to just one long nap a day

-Not quite 20lbs. yet, but close

-Wearing size 9-12 month clothes and a size 3 diaper

-Got his first pair of Stride Rites the other day in size 4.5 and loves them!

-Has 8 teeth, top and bottom 4

-Has entered the climbing phase and will try to scale anything within reach

-Loves to give high fives

-Tries to imitate everything he sees!

-Gives the best slobbery kisses, but watch out, sometimes he bites!

-Has to sleep with his yellow duckie lovie

-Still a very sweet and laid back little boy who can melt his mommy and daddy's hearts with just the smallest little smile!

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