April 27, 2011

Coconuts are Falling Down

Remember when I said 2.5 was my favorite age??  Well, it keeps getting better and better.  Austin has started making up songs lately and it's quite amusing and pretty stinkin' cute as well.  At first they were just kind of jumbled words put to familiar tunes or he would just talk to us in a sing-song voice, but last week he actually came up with a truly original song and continues to sing it on a daily basis.

It's sung to the tune of London Bridge:

Coconuts are falling down
Falling down
Falling down

Coconuts are falling down
on pirates heads!

Oh what imaginations these little ones have!!


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Anonymous said...

My daughter sang that same coconut song this morning and it prompted me to look it up online. She heard the song from watching Jake and the Never Land Pirates. She said Mr. Smee sang the coconut song.


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