April 22, 2011

Spring Things

I know Easter is much more than bunnies and baskets and colored eggs, but when you have kids, those things really make celebrating the holiday just a little bit more fun!

Lets start with dyeing eggs...

As you can probably imagine, Austin had a blast dyeing our Easter Eggs.  He wanted to get his fingers in the dye so bad and could hardly wait for the eggs to finish.  Patience is a difficult thing for a 2 year old!  Putting on the stickers was pretty exciting, but his favorite part was playing with the eggs after we were done.  He wanted to carry his basket of eggs all around the house and take them out and put them back in.  He would admire each one and kept saying that he needed to go tell the Easter Bunny about the eggs he made.  The "playing" quickly resulted in two cracked eggs, however, and mommy having to hide the basket for awhile.

By the time Ryan got home, Austin could hardly contain his excitement to go see the Easter Bunny.  I had shown him some pictures my friends had posted on Facebook of their kids with the bunny and Austin thought it was just about the greatest thing he'd ever seen and couldn't wait to go and meet that big bunny himself.

We finally got to the mall and of course the bunny was on break.  A few minutes later we spotted him walking back to his chair and Austin started jumping up and down and screaming like he was a teenage girl front row at a Justin Bieber concert.  We waited in line and watched at least 6 kids walk up the the bunny, scream in terror, cry and run away.  I was getting a little worried, but come our turn my worries went right out the window. Both boys loved him!  I don't think Austin understood why the bunny wasn't talking back to him when he told him all about the eggs he had made, but he sat there and talked to him anyway.  Owen was mesmerized by the big fluffy guy whose lap he was sitting in but managed to look away for a few seconds to give us cute little grin.

Austin keeps asking us to take him back to see the Easter Bunny...
Luckily, we have our own little bunny right here that he can see anytime he wants to!

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