April 7, 2011

It's Official!

We signed the papers and set the date....
we'll officially be North Carolina residents as of May 1st!!

After 6 months of Ryan working almost 2 hours away and only having the weekends to spend as a family of four, we couldn't be happier that the wait is finally over and we'll all be in the same state once again.  Not only will we be in the same state, but only 15 minutes away from Ryan's office in a small town called Harrisburg, just north of Charlotte.

That's right, the Harris' are moving to Harrisburg!  Fitting, isn't it?

I really can't express how sad I am to be leaving Greenville and the friends and family that we've had close by for the past 4 years, but Ryan loves his new job and we love him and just aren't a true family when he's not around.  Moving day will be bittersweet to say the least.

I have to admit, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed seeing as how we've still got A LOT of packing and moving to do and I'm not sure how we're going to do it with two kids hanging by our side at every waking moment.  We've also got a couple of birthday parties to attend, a baby shower, Easter and Owen's big 1st birthday party to plan for.  It's going to get crazy around here these next few weeks!  I am of course open to any moving  w/ children tips or advice and will gladly welcome any babysitting offers from known and reliable sources.  :-)

I am extremely excited about the new house we will be living in and can't wait to see the boys' reaction to their new home.  It's bigger, with wide open spaces, all bedrooms on the same floor, and lots of great hardwoods (perfect for racing cars and riding toys around on).  I am most excited about my new kitchen and hope to be spending a lot more time in there when I finally have a husband who will be home in time for dinner most nights!

Our new home

My new kitchen

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Lauren said...

Have you sold your house in Greenville?


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