April 11, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday Papa!

My dad turned the big 6-0 on Friday so we made the trip down to Columbia on Saturday to visit and to celebrate his birthday!

 The Easter Bunny had already paid a visit to the boys in Columbia bringing buckets full of eggs, toys and candy!
 Both boys loved spending time reading with Mimi...
 Papa tried his hardest to keep Owen away from the brick fireplace.  Owen was determined to climb on top of it but Papa always swooped in just in time!
 Both boys LOVE checking out all the fun toys in Mimi and Papa's toy box!  Every time we visit there are new goodies waiting in there for them.
 Later that evening we met the rest of the family out for a celebratory dinner at Bonefish.
 It was Austin's idea to get Papa a birthday cake.  His favorite part is blowing out the candles and making a wish...and then eating it of course!
He also enjoyed dipping his carrot sticks in the icing and licking it off.  A little icing on your veggies never hurt, right?
Owen is looking forward to his birthday when he gets to squish his little hands through some of that sugary delicious icing!

Happy 60th Birthday Papa!!  We love you sooooo much!

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