April 20, 2011

Moving - Round 1

By the time it's over I'm sure you're ALL going to be tired of hearing me talk about our move....but just bear with me for now, it is currently consuming my life and I have little else to talk about.

So, the house goes on the market Friday and our realtor expects to have showings lined up by next week.  Ryan is in the middle of "H-E-double hockey sticks" week at work right now and has slept only 2 hours since waking up Monday morning.  It might not sound that bad, except for the fact that he is working through the night once again and may not sleep anymore until sometime late Wednesday night. Ahh...the fun life of a patent attorney (and his wife)...

Knowing that this was going to be a crazy week, last Saturday, with a spur of the moment idea, we decided to rent an 18 ft. U-Haul, load it in the middle of the night (since the boys were sleeping) with random items that served no purpose but to add clutter to our home, and then drive up to Charlotte on Sunday morning to move it in.  After all, they say the less "stuff" you have in your house the better it shows!

We got on the road early Sunday and 1hr45min later we were exiting off onto Harris Blvd., driving past the giant IKEA, making our way through the campus of UNC Charlotte, entering Cabarrus county and finally turning into our driveway.  And yes, the dorky sentimental side of me took a picture...

Austin loved running around the empty house and quickly claimed the living room as his new bedroom.  I hate to break it to him, but he's probably not going to get his first choice.  Owen found the staircase within mere seconds of walking through the door and made a b-line for it every time I let him down.  Eventually, Austin got bored of running from one empty room to the next and thought he would be of more use outside unloading the truck with daddy.  He spotted his toy wagon and continued to follow Ryan up and down the ramp with it for a good 30 minutes.  And when Ryan took a break from unloading, Austin rolled his toy cars down the ramp over and over again....until he found a box of baseballs and decided he wanted to throw them in the truck, race up to retrieve them, and then roll them all down the ramp and back into the garage.  He literally "had a ball!"  I mean really, it might have been his most exciting afternoon in recent memory.  I just might be considering renting out another giant U-Haul and holding his next birthday party in the back of it.

Before we left to go back to Greenville, we were lucky enough to see some of our new neighbors outside and so we went over to introduce ourselves.  Wouldn't you know it...a family with two little boys, the youngest about to turn two, named Owen.  
How perfect!  

Off he goes....to the stairs....again....

That blur coming towards you would be Austin running (of course) full speed ahead! 

So glad we packed the walker. Owen?  Not so much.

That's better!

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