July 10, 2011

4th Comparison

The morning of July 4th, before we left for Columbia, I couldn't wait to go outside and sit on our new front porch and get a new picture of me and the boys together.  We had taken a picture just like it the year before and I was excited to see the comparison.  As my luck would have it, however, we were running late, the boys were cranky and not wanting to hold still, the humidity fogged up my camera lens as soon as we walked outside and the sun was blaring right down on us.

And so these were the two best pictures we got.

 On your mark.....get set.....

Now everyone stare directly into the sun....and don't forget to smile!

Yeah, so those are totally frame-worthy....right??  

Not quite as good as last year's....but you can still get the idea!

1 comment:

Susan Banks said...

Wow-what a difference a year makes!! Both boys have grown up so much!!


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