July 12, 2011

Owen is 14 Months!

And here they are....14 things about 14 months!

-Owen can tell you what sounds the sheep, cow, duck, snake and pig make.  The pig noise is my favorite because he actually snorts.

-Loves...and I mean LOVES to read Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom.  We read it 10 times a day...at least!

-Points out trucks when we see them driving by and says "Tuck!"

-Absolutely HATES riding in a shopping cart.

-His favorite animal is a duck and he will point and say "duck!" whenever he sees one.

-Sleeps with his lovie (duck duck) and stuffed duck (ducky) each night.  Pretty original names, huh? :)

-Will try to copy almost any sound we make or word we say.

-Calls Ryan "da-deee."

-Loves to pretend that he's talking on the phone and calls da-deee every time.

-Says "cheese" when he sees my camera.

-Loves to look at letters, read books about the alphabet and try to sing the ABC song. His recognition is spotty though, sometimes he calls everything an "A" or an "E" and sometimes he gets them right.

-Shares his snacks with our dog, Lucy.

-Drives toy cars all over everything going "vrrrrrrrrrrrr vrrrrrrrrrrrrr."  Wonder where he got that from??

-Weighs 21 lbs., wears size 4 diapers and size 12-18 month clothes.

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Susan Banks said...

He is so cute--love that little guy!!!


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