July 5, 2011

The Fourth, Part 1

We celebrated Independence Day on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th this year!  It was a fantastic (but exhausting) long weekend.  Lots and lots of pictures were taken...as usual.  These are from our awesome first two nights at the Harrisburg Fourth of July Festival.


 Set him down for a moment and he's off!

Highlight of the night, listening to the Fantastic Shakers and doing a little booty shakin' of their own! 

Fireworks were a big hit with Austin this year.
"Look at that one, BOOM!" 

Watching the show! 

Favorite ride of the night! 

Day #2
Driving the race cars...boy was in heaven! 

Waving to big brother as he drives by! 

Can you tell he liked the swings? 

Watching Da Throwback Band and loving every minute! 

And then he was off!
(Due to a pizza incident, we had to go without the shorts for the remainder of the night) 

Traded in our side by side double stroller for this tandem and we LOVE it!  Got an additional $20 off for choosing purple...which is fine, I'll just sew some tiger paws on the side and, voila...instant Clemson stroller!!

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