July 17, 2011

Writing Sample

In my last post I mentioned that Austin loved to write his name.  He can write most of the letters of the alphabet pretty well but has yet to grasp the concept of making them all relatively the same size.  After 10 sheets of paper with giant A's and U's and barely enough room for the S, T, I and N...I came up with a method that has worked pretty well.  I draw circles for how ever many letters are in the word he wants to spell and he has to write each letter in a circle.  Here's an example of how well he's writing these days...

I wrote the purple letters up top to give him a reference, but the blue letters in the circles are 100% Austin's writing.  I find it pretty funny that his S's are always backwards because when I was younger I used to always write my name with a backwards J.  :)

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