July 14, 2011

Wiggly Wednesday!

I won tickets to see The Wiggles in concert here in Charlotte last night.  We were actually going to buy them and go regardless, but I ended up winning a contest and saved us $100.  The seats were pretty awesome, too.  Dead center, no one behind us, and no one sitting beside us.  This was key because I'm just as much of a Wiggles fan as the boys are and I would have gone crazy if I couldn't get up and dance to a few of the songs...and you better believe I did!  I honestly was probably more excited about this concert than any other I've been to in the past 5 years.  I am such a mom...and I have a huge crush on Anthony, the blue Wiggle. :)

Austin's favorite Wiggle is Sam and he insisted he wear a yellow shirt to the concert to match his favorite yellow wiggle.  Austin's 2nd favorite Wiggle is Jeff and he really wanted Owen to wear purple, but when we could find none, he was ok with Owen wearing blue (the color of mommy's favorite Wiggle) instead.    The concert was great, they sang all our favorite songs, and we even got thisclose to Sam when he was wandering through the crowd.  The only disappointment was that Jeff was not there!!  Apparently he had some heart issues and was back in Australia having a pace maker put in.  This was the first show he's missed in 20 years!!  They had a replacement....but it just wasn't the same without Jeff.

Henry's Dance with replacement Jeff on the far left

Come back, Sam!! Austin's little hand was just about to disconnect at the wrist because he was waving so hard to Sam!

Enjoying a snack

Owen remained interested for a good 45 minutes, but wasn't opposed to the bites of popcorn and pretzel daddy kept giving him.

Both boys really getting into it!

It was getting really close to someone's bedtime... 

After the show

One happy little Wiggles fan!

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