July 16, 2011

Favorite Things Friday (a day late)

For no particular reason and in no particular order, here are a few of my favorite things at the moment.

1. Zulily.com:  Seriously...I love this site!  I've found some of the cutest things on here for the boys and for me and it's all at a discount!  It's the only "deal" site I go to on a daily basis anymore, but I probably need to stop for awhile before my spending gets out of hand!!

2. Tosh.0:  I feel like I shouldn't like this show...but I can't help it.  Rarely does something on TV actually make me laugh out loud, but Daniel Tosh's questionable, yet witty humor gets me every time!  Ryan often says he loves to watch this show with me because he likes to hear me laugh. :)  Just another reason I like it!

3. Rompers:  For Owen of course, not myself.  It's hassle-free, mistake-proof, cool and comfortable clothing! It's also about the only thing Owen has been wearing these past few 100+ degree days and I'm dreading the day he gets too old to wear them anymore.

4. Super Why:  Also known as the ONLY show Austin will sit and pay attention to anymore.  I enjoy the 25 minutes of free time while the boys enjoy some cute and educational entertainment.  It's a win-win!

5. Lilly Pulitzer Wink Perfume - I discovered this scent while perfume shopping in Hilton Head last summer.  It was on clearance and I loved it and it might just be the first bottle of perfume that I have used in its entirety.  I've heard rumors that it is being discontinued soon which stinks, but it also means you can find it online at a huge discount (like $20/bottle)!  

6. Laughing Cow Cheese:  Spread some of this on a Triscut and enjoy a delicious and healthy treat!  Only 35 calories a wedge!

7. Cargo Bronzer:  I haven't been tan since I got married.  Actually, I've never really been tan, just a darker shade of pale...and that took 3+ months of going to a tanning bed every other day to achieve.  I think it's safe to assume that's never going to happen again, so I guess I just better get good at faking a tan from now on!  I love this bronzer and wear it everyday.  It's not fake looking and the giant tin it came in has lasted me a really long time.

8. Joovy Caboose Tandem Stroller: The perfect double stroller may not exist, but this thing has got to be close!  It's light (for a double), not too big, extremely easy to fold and unfold, and it's a sit and stand!  Also, it was less than $150!  I love that I can take the boys to the mall or park by myself and let Austin walk with me while pushing Owen, but always have the option to strap them both in should I need to pick up the pace or should Austin get tired.

9.  Kumon Activity Books:  I learned about these books from another blog I read and figured they'd be perfect for Austin.  He really wants to learn to write lately, not color, but write.  He loves the mazes book and it has really helped him learn to hold a pencil properly, draw straight lines and make careful movements.  He also loves the tracing and drawing letters books and has recently learned to write his name!

10.  PlumSweets:  I have such a major sweet tooth and I have a hard time finding good and healthy snacks to satisfy that craving without sacrificing an entire day's worth of calories.  But thanks to my favorite daily e-mail "Eat This, Not That," I discovered these dark chocolate covered pieces of deliciousness and a small handful (or two) does the trick and they're surprisingly healthy!

So, what are some of your favorite things??

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