October 20, 2011

Buy a ton of diapers...

...get a free kitchen!!  Well, a pretend kitchen that is.

I've been saving Pampers Gifts to Grow codes on our diaper packages since Austin was a newborn.  Every time I would collect enough to trade them in, however, I couldn't find anything worth trading them in for.  Over three years of collecting and entering codes, my points began to accumulate and I reached the point where I had enough points to trade in for the highest prize available....but I still couldn't find anything I wanted.

A few weeks ago I decided to take another look and was so excited to see a Step 2 Cozy Kitchen offered and I didn't hesitate for a moment!  I've always wanted the boys to have a play kitchen, but society, Toys R Us and even my husband seem to classify it as a "girls" toy.  No one could argue with me if it was for free though, right?!  After all, aren't most of the famous chefs out there male anyways?  Not to mention, any toy that requires use of imagination is perfect in my book!

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