October 19, 2011

Owen is 17 Months!

And just like last month I am extremely behind on blogging.  I can't pick up my computer anymore without having both boys crawling in my lap demanding to watch videos or play games and now that fall TV is back on my evenings are spent watching Revenge, Psych, Dexter, House, Raising Hope, Top Chef, Tosh.0 and Jersey Shore ....to name a few.  I promise lots of new posts coming soon, though!  To kick if off lets start with how Owen turned 17 months old back on October 4th.  I can't believe he'll be 1 and a half in no time!

Here are 17 quick, fun facts about Owen at 17 months!

-Vocabulary is seriously taking off.  I can't even begin to name all the words he's saying now!  Today, for instance, he grabbed my jewelry and said "necklace."

-LOVES to climb.  I caught him standing on top of our kitchen table this week.

-Which reminds me, Owen pushes the kitchen table chairs out from under the table at least 15 times a day and then climbs on top of them, holds onto the back and jumps up and down shouting "wheeeeeee!"

-His favorite toys are still cars, trains or anything with wheels.

-Completely fearless!  And a fearless little boy who loves to climb = one worried mama!

-Starting to put words together like "right there" "read book" and "what's this?"

-Can count to 10

-Hates to eat...and I mean HATES it!  He pretty much lives off of greek yogurt, applesauce, bananas, bread and the occasional bowl of pasta or turkey hotdog.

-Calls all trains "choo-choos."

-Loves to sing "Wheels on the bus" "If you're happy and you know it" and "Little green frog"

-Likes to throw a ball and try to catch it.

-Becoming even more attached to his yellow "duck duck."

-Smiles and says "cheese!" whenever he sees my camera.

-Loves to be tickled!

-Imitates everything we do, say or he sees on TV.

-Will lay down and hold perfectly still if I say I need to put on his socks.

-Loves to "pish" buttons and flip switches.  His favorites are light switches, doorbells, and the card scanner machines at stores.

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