October 21, 2011

Party at Preschool

Austin's 3rd birthday weekend celebration was kicked off by a party at his preschool last Friday.  I surprised him in class after lunch and brought cupcakes for the birthday boy and all his friends.  Austin was beyond excited and I loved being a part of his class...even if only for an hour.  The kids were all very interested in me, my camera and of course the cupcakes and goody bags.  One little girl, Ella (or as I like to call her, my future daughter-in-law) really captured my heart.  She was giving Austin birthday hugs and kisses and seemed to love just being around him...and he was pretty fond of her as well.  The real kicker came when she asked the teacher if she could play with the toy cars she brought from home...and then shared them with Austin.  So, not only is she super sweet to my boy and a car lover, but a sharer as well.  It doesn't get much better than that in the land of 2 and 3 year olds!!

Anyway, after getting all the kids hopped up on sugar, we decided to have a mini dance party.  Austin's favorite song that they sing in school is the "Jump Up and Down Song," so his teacher turned on some music and all the kids started jumping up and down.  I started taking pictures and it got them even more excited.  They all ran to me every few seconds wanting to see themselves jumping on my camera screen.  It was pretty darn cute if I do say so myself (and I rarely use the word cute to describe 10 jumping and screaming preschoolers).

After dancing I had a few too many "helpers" try to "help" put birthday goody bags in cubbies and then I observed as Austin got a toy down from the shelf only to have another kid walk up to him and take it, which prompted Austin to go take it back, which resulted in Austin being hit and falling to the ground crying.  I learned a couple things from this display.  First of all, I will do just about anything for my boys....even admit to daydreaming about kicking some rude preschooler booty for making my child cry.  I was happy to learn that my child was not the bully of the classroom like I had always secretly pictured him to be but reluctantly learned that some of these bad behaviors we're dealing with at home are being learned firsthand in school.  Oh well, I guess you can't just have a class full of Ella's!

Austin bounced back quickly from the somewhat traumatic event and really enjoyed the rest of his party.  So much in fact that I had a hard time getting him to leave preschool that day altogether.  What can I say, my boy likes to party...especially when he's the center of attention!!

 Singing "Happy Birthday"
 Blowing out the candle
 Demolishing a cupcake...frosting end first of course.
Making eyes at his girl, Ella (in the salmon colored shirt).
Bunches of blurry jumping preschoolers!

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