October 3, 2011

Trucks and Planes

I really am starting to love our new home.  There is just so much to do when you live this close to a big city!  A couple weeks ago I heard about the Concord Regional Airport which is only about 5 minutes from us.  It's a small airport and they love when kids come visit to watch the planes.  I also heard that on the Wednesday or Thursday before a big NASCAR race, the drivers and crew who live in the area will fly out of this airport.

Last Thursday I decided to take the boys, and even though we just missed most of the race traffic, we still had an awesome time and got to see some pretty cool stuff.  We were able to sit right outside along the runway and saw a few personal airplanes landing, a helicopter touch down right in front of us, and one of the big Hendrix Motorsports jets take off for the race.  The highlight, however, was when one of the big fueling trucks pulled up and let Austin climb up and sit inside and honk the horn.  Both boys think planes are pretty cool....but they are still a distant second to anything with wheels!

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