October 20, 2011

Pumpkins with my Punkin'

One morning while Austin was at preschool, Owen and I decided to check out the local pumpkin patch.  We were the only ones there (which I would come to find out later, was because they were not officially open yet) and we had the place to ourselves!  Wide open spaces, pumpkins galore, barns, animals, and a corn maze...but what's the first thing to capture Owen's attention?  A tractor.

After I pulled him away from the tractor, we went to visit the ponies and I was pleased that Owen finally found something a little more exciting than a big blue farm machine.

The ponies were great, until he noticed there were stairs to be climbed!

After going back and forth between stairs an ponies, I was finally able to lure Owen over to the bright orange pumpkins.

But even with all the perfect pumpkins to choose from, we decided it would just be more fun to pick our own and so we headed to the patch.

Owen found the perfect one and sat down to admire his little pumpkin.  Thinking it looked quite delicious, he went in for a taste...

Eh...maybe not!!

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