September 25, 2008

Another Appointment Update

Today I had another appointment and will now being having them twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays. I actually lost 3 lbs. since my Monday appointment which was weird, but Dr. Keith wasn't too concerned. My blood pressure has actually gone down to a normal level which was great news and hopefully means that this bed rest is actually helping! They hooked me up to the monitor again and monitored me and baby H for about 30 minutes. It showed I was having a few small contractions, but nothing like what we saw on Monday. Baby H is still chugging along and his heartbeat was about 150bpm and he was stable and reactive. I also got the results from my 24 hr. urine and Group Strep B test back and everything was fine and normal.

Overall, Dr. Keith was very pleased with this visit and it really eased my mind as well. However, I am still ordered to stay on modified bedrest and will probably remain so until Baby H arrives just in case something I was doing has been causing my problems.

Since Ryan was with me at this visit, we briefly talked about the delivery and what to expect. I asked Dr. Keith at what point would she suggest a c-section and she said that they normally don't suggest that route unless the baby is over 9 lbs. or there are other complications, but with me being so petite she might lower that number in my case. However, she said as long as he's not too big and there are no other problems, she would possibly let me try to have him vaginally and then if things weren't working out we would be prepared for an emergency cesarean.

Of course Ryan has been dying to get a better idea of when baby H will get here and asked some questions about what kind of time frame we should expect. Like she told me last week, Dr. Keith hopes I will go into labor on my own as soon as possible and does think it's a likely scenario. However, should I make it to 39 weeks, we would immediately talk about inducing or a possible c-section depending on baby's predicted weight. The good news is, while they aren't going to move my due date up, she said they will almost certainly deliver me before 40 weeks. I'm just glad to know that at the maximum, I'll get to see his sweet little face in less than 4 weeks!!!

Finally, I have another NST (fetal monitoring) scheduled for Monday at 3pm and another ultrasound next Thursday. I can't wait for Thursday to see how much this little guy has grown!

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