September 2, 2008

Appointment Update - 9/2

I'm starting my weekly OB appointments now since my blood pressure has risen a little bit so that my Doctor can keep a close eye on things. I got my test results back and everything is looking good so far. I'm starting to swell a little bit and my blood pressure was up again at this visit, but none of my lab results are abnormal which is great. I'll probably have to repeat the lab tests in about 2-3 more weeks, but for now everything checks out!

As of this visit today, Baby H is in the head down position and facing my right side. I'm measuring about 33 weeks which means the little guy has really had a growth spurt since last Tuesday! His heartbeat was 140 bpm and still going strong. Dr. Keith said that things are going great and she doesn't suspect that we'll need another ultrasound or anything to check on him as his growth is right on target for my due date.

I'm feeling ok, but I'm not sleeping now that I've gotten so huge!! I'm also having a hard time standing or walking for any long period of time due to backaches. All of this is to be expected at 32 weeks but I'm really hoping these next 8 go by quickly.

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One Day at a Time said...

I can not believe that baby H will be here in about 8 weeks!! Seems like yesterday we were finding out you were expecting!! I am sure time has not been fast for you (because when you are pregnant you think you will never have the baby) but for me it has just flown by!! Can't wait until the little guy is here!!! Love and Hugs to all 3 of you.


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