September 29, 2008

Another appointment

I went in today for another NST (Non-stress test) and to see Dr. Keith for my 36 week appointment (1 of 2). Everything was OK, my blood pressure was up a little from last week but still not too bad and my weight and proteins were all the same. Baby H was nice and very reactive during the NST which was great since he was sleeping through the last one. I always have this moment, however, when they're hooking me up to the machine, where I get terrified they won't find a heartbeat. Today I was sweating bullets because it took a while for the nurse to get a good signal, but my mind was put at ease as soon as I heard him chug-chugging away! I'm still having a few contractions, mainly when I'm up moving around, but everything seems to be much calmer since I've been resting more.

Before I left, we briefly talked again about delivery and Dr. Keith said that if I don't go into labor on my own, we will induce or schedule a c-section once I reach 38.5-39 weeks! A general time frame would be somewhere around October 15-21. We went ahead and scheduled 5 more visits, with the last one on Oct 17th and she said that should probably be my final prenatal visit! I've got 2 more ultrasounds scheduled, this Thursday and next Friday, to keep evaluating baby's growth and weight to determine which delivery route we'll need to take. There are no apparent problems at this point which might prevent a vaginal delivery, so it's all going to depend on how much this little guy grows in the next 2-3 weeks!!

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