September 22, 2008

Prayer Request

My mother-in-law, Jo Ann, is having surgery tomorrow and I was supposed to take her to the hospital in the morning so I could make sure she was alright and be there when she got out. Unfortunately, I was put on bed rest today and my overprotective husband won't let me drive to Laurens to sit in the hospital tomorrow and wait for her to get out. Please pray that her surgery goes well, is quick and that the doctors are able to fix the problems she's having. I know I will be sitting by the phone at home waiting to hear the news that she's fine and ready to come home. Baby H will also be relieved to hear that Grandma Jo Ann is out of surgery and doing fine!!

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scnana2 said...

HEy there, Glad that Jo Ann did great with her surgery and that it was a success. I was glad that Raymond could sit with Ryan while they waited to see how the surgery went..this is the first surgery that I have not been with Jo Ann, I was always by her side, so I told her that she had the next best thing, Raymond..LOL...I wish I could have been with her but some things can't be helped...I was with her all the way even if not there in person...She will be fine now and be able to "SPOIL BABY H" even more ...she will fill so much better now..I hope you have a fast delivery and that you dont have to go through to much pain before Baby H gets here...I can't believe it is almost time for him to be born, seems like only yesrerday you was telling you all was expecting...time and big big hugs...Nana


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