September 24, 2008

Quick clarification on the bedrest...

I just wanted to quickly clarify that my doctor has only ordered I be on modified bedrest as I stated in my last appointment update. Modified bedrest simply means that I can't be up exercising, vacuuming or doing other strenuous house chores, out shopping, gardening, rearranging furniture, or doing any really unnecessary moving about. It's basically just a precautionary measure, and the point is simply to keep the swelling down by limiting time on my feet and to keep me calm and relaxed so my blood pressure doesn't get to an unhealthy level.

Several very kind people have gotten worried and have offered to come bring food or help clean my house and keep me company, and while I really do appreciate all the kind suggestions, I'm still pretty self-sufficient. Of course, visitors are always welcome to stop by or call since I've had limited social interaction here lately. :)

Overall, it's not too bad, just makes the days go by a little slower and makes some of my nesting instincts take the back seat for awhile. At least I've been given the go ahead to do a little more on the weekends while Ryan is here with me and I have a feeling I'm really going to be looking forward to these next few weekends!!!!!

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