September 23, 2008

The blahs...

It's only been about 24 hours since I was ordered to bedrest and I'm already sick of it!! It's given me a major case of "the blah's" today. Since I'm not supposed to do many things around the house, of course it makes me want to do them even more now that I can't! Just yesterday I had no desire to sweep and mop the floors, but today I can't stop staring at them and getting annoyed with how filthy they are getting....even though I just cleaned them a few days ago. I also have this extreme urge to do laundry (something I usually hate with a passion). I'm sure Ryan would do many of these things if I asked him, but he's so busy and works so hard all day that I feel terrible asking him to do house chores when he finally gets home and has a chance to relax.

Lucy doesn't seem to understand the whole bedrest thing either. I still get up and let her outside a few times a day, but I just haven't been able to play with her the way I usually would. I did sit on the deck and throw the ball in the yard for her this morning to consume some of her energy...but that didn't tire her out for long! I wish everyday I had 1/4 of the energy she has!!

I do have some good news to share and was happy to hear that Jo Ann's surgery went well and was really quick! Ryan finally called me at 11am to tell me that they were on their way back and everything had gone fine. However, she will have to use a walker for the next 6 weeks or so since she had the surgery on her feet but although very annoying, I'm sure it will have been a small price to pay to be up and walking around better than ever once the recovery period is over!

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