September 10, 2008

Clemson Games

I've been bad about updates lately, so I'm going to try and catch up with a few things today! Two weekends ago Ryan and I made the trip to Atlanta to watch the Clemson vs. Alabama game. The actual game was quite disappointing, but we still had a nice time in Atlanta for the weekend regardless of all the gloating Bama fans. To ease the pain a bit we spent Sunday afternoon in Commerce doing some outlet shopping. Ryan got a nice work wardrobe from his new favorite store Brooks Brothers and I racked up on baby stuff at the Carter's outlet. Here are some pictures from the game and a picture of us before the game while we were still smiling! :) BTW, I'm 32 weeks pregnant here and getting bigger by the minute if you can't tell!

Last weekend was the Clemson vs. Citadel game and our first home game of the season. We got there around 12:30 and tailgated for awhile. Luckily Ryan brought a fan and I parked my tail in a chair with the fan pointed my way and there I sat for the first part of the afternoon!:) The actual game was fun but very very hot! Ryan was so worried about me that he got up about every half hour to get me water and made sure I drank it all. He also got us some Dippin Dots which were delicious and a treat I probably hadn't had in years! The game was good and a lot more fun since we were winning the whole time. We also really enjoyed our new season tickets right on the lower 40 yard line! Here are a few pictures from that game. It was Military Appreciation Day.

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