November 22, 2009

The Game!

What a bittersweet day in Clemson! Saturday was our last home game of the season (boo!) but the Tigers pulled out a win against the Cavaliers from Virginia which allows them a chance to play for the ACC title in Tampa!! We'd certainly be there if it wasn't for the fact that we'll still be in the Bahamas when the game takes place. We can only hope that we win our conference title and get to head to Miami for the bowl game in January!!

We took Austin to this game since the weather was nice and it was being played at 3:30. He was into everything at the tailgate and wouldn't hold still for a moment and I was worried he'd be the same inside the stadium...but he did FANTASTIC!! We could hardly believe it!! He played with his vibrating teething toy for about the entire first half while Ryan and I switched off holding him. He was engrossed in the game and the people around us...and that miracle teether! He had a snack, drank his milk and ate some soft pretzel during the game as well as flirted with all the women around us, played peek-a-boo with our neighbors, and laughed at the silly kids sitting beside us. About 4 different people commented on how well-behaved he was and we were honestly just as surprised as they were!! I think the fact that we've been taking him to sporting events since he was a newborn really helps and the fact that he loves to people watch and be outside. Our seats are in a very animated section where almost no one sits during the game. Both mine and Ryan's arms and backs were minutes away from snapping after holding our 25 lb. baby boy for the better part of 4 hours. I feel like we should both have the biceps of a bodybuilder by now!

Austin took a good morning nap before the game but his afternoon nap time fell during the middle of the game. (By the way, we're back on a 2 nap schedule now) He was a trooper and stayed awake until there were about 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Ryan was holding him and his head was bobbing around, eyes were glazed over and I wasn't sure if he was about to be sick or fall asleep! I laid his head on Ryan's shoulder and his eyes immediately shut. Since an impending celebrating was about to take place, I took him in my arms and we sat down so he could continue to sleep and Ryan's cheering wouldn't wake him. I was somewhat grateful for the chance to sit down and rest and I always love a chance to snuggle my sweet sleeping baby!

Austin slept in my arms through the rest of the game and post game celebration, he stayed asleep when I transferred him to daddy's arms for the walk back to the car, he continued to sleep all the way back to the car and didn't move a muscle as we took off his jacket and put him in his car seat and drove home. Talk about one worn out baby!!

Austin supporting the Tigers and his favorite candidate!

I was trying to get Ryan to get a picture of Austin giving me a kiss...but he was more interested in daddy holding the camera...since that's quite the rarity! :)

Ryan made me do it...

The buddies hanging out...even if only for a few seconds before Austin went running through the lot checking out all the other tailgaters.

CJ at the top of the hill...look sideways...I don't know why I can't get this picture right side up...

"Balloons, balloons, balloons make me happy..."

Game time action!

Austin with his trusty teether. 30 minutes of straight entertainment right there!

Me with my sleeping baby at the end of the game.

Post game celebration!

Clemson Tigers...Atlantic Division ACC Champions!!


Keri said...

Jennifer, that is an absolutely gorgeous picture of you with Austin!

Jennifer Harris said...

Thank you! Ryan got up with him that morning and let me sleep in until 10am!! I felt great all day...I forgot how good it felt to get the appropriate amount of sleep one needs. Thus, I actually took the time to do my hair and makeup and with that in addition to my "beauty sleep," I finally didn't look like a tired old woman for once! Thanks again for noticing! :)


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