November 20, 2009

Thursday Night

Let me just preceed this post by saying that parenthood is not for those with weak stomachs...and if you have a weak stomach, make sure you have a strong and take charge kind of husband to help out when needed!!

So, last night we drove out to Liberty for the Pickens County GOP meeting to hear our friend Neal speak about his campaign. In case you've missed his other mentions on the blog, Neal is a close personal friend of ours who is running for Congress. Austin went with us and boy were we surprised at how well he did sitting in a small, quiet room with about 40 adults for an hour while 3 politicians got up to speak! We did, however, have to revert back to the pacifier because keeping him quiet is a lot harder than keeping him still, believe it or not! But he did great much to our surprise and we now have faith that our 2.5 hour plane ride next weekend will be a piece of cake! (Ha!) At least we don't have to keep him still AND silent on an airplane!

Anyway, after the meeting we headed back to Greenville and decided to stop at McAlister's for dinner since none of us had eaten yet. I got Austin out of his car seat and we headed inside. We stood at the counter and the cashier asked if we were dining in. Ryan said 'yes' and at that exact moment, Austin turned his head into my chest, coughed and then projectile vomited down the front of us both. As I stood there stunned, Ryan turned to the guy and said "Uh, nevermind!" and at the same time, Austin vomited a second time. We were rushing towards the bathroom by the time he started up again and we had just made it through the door for the fourth and final blow. I was just standing there clinging to my little boy, covered in vomit and feeling quite a bit queasy myself when Ryan came through the door. Luckily he knew what to do because I was still frozen in a state of shock, worry and feeling (I hate to admit it) pretty grossed out. Now, if I had to choose anyone it the world to have throw up on me, I would choose my son, but it was still a bit hard to handle. Pee and poop I've grown used to, but I haven't made it that far with blood and vomit just yet...

Ryan stripped Austin down and headed to the car but since half naked babies are much more accepted in public than half naked women...I had to walk out into the restaurant covered pretty much from head to tow in baby throw up. It was a lovely sight for those enjoying their dinner, I'm sure. We quickly apologized to McAlister's for coming in just in time to gross out their guests and use their floor as a splat mat...and they were very kind about the whole thing, although the guy with the mop didn't look too thrilled...

We made it home, cleaned ourselves up, got Austin ready for bed and tried to give him a little applesauce since the poor thing STILL hadn't had anything to eat by 9:30pm and he wasn't acting sick in the least. The applesauce came right back up and thus we settled in for a long night. However, 30 minutes later he kept down some Pedialyte and in another 15 minutes took some more with no problems. We kept him up for observation until the poor little thing couldn't keep his head up anymore and then I sat in his room for another half hour to make sure he was sleeping safely.

He woke up at 8am his happy and usual self and has kept down 2 meals and 2 cups of milk so far. I don't know if my child just has a stellar immune system and kicked a stomach virus to the curb in less than 6 hours or if the throwing up was caused by something else I can't even imagine right now...but thank the Lord it's over and he's ok!

And here's to hoping that daddy is holding him the next time he gets sick since he joked with me all night about how bad I handled the whole thing... :)

By the way, the pictures below are the "Before" pictures of Austin after the GOP meeting playing around while we were waiting to speak to Neal. He loved climbing the steps to get on stage and walking around and beating on every chair in the room.

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Keri said...

Throw-up is gross at first. But when I was telling Shawn about your post he reminded me of all the times that Kylie has been sick and I've caught it in my hands when there hasn't been anything else (most of often it's been when she is car sick). It doesn't bother me as much now. What is still gross is when Kylie has trouble wiping after a poo. If her tummy gets upset sometimes I have to help her and it's like helping an adult, but just a little smaller. Yech!


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