November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Here are some pictures from Austin's 2nd Halloween! Of course, he was only 16 days old the last time around, so this was our first real celebration of the holiday. We trick or treated at some of the close neighbor's homes....mainly just to visit and show him off in costume. :) Then we came home to hand out treat bags of our own, have dinner, relax and then ended our night at grandma Jo Ann's door begging for just a few more treats! What a fun night!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Hydrating before the big event. Doesn't he look adorable in his boy-tights! Don't worry, they're for costume purposes only! :)

Daddy helping the puppy dog put on his suit!

Here he comes, almost ready to go!

Austin and Lucy getting really excited about trick or treating and seeing all the little kids!

Strapped in the wagon and ready to go for a ride. Plenty of room left for candy!

Time to go!!

Back at home....Austin's favorite treat of the night, a purple glow bracelet!

Austin & Mommy! (I dressed up as a Clemson fan, original, I know!)

Mom, that was fun, can we go back out?

The sweetest little puppy dog face!!!

Last stop of the night...waiting at Grandma's door for some final treats!


Keri said...

HE IS SO CUTE!! What does your shirt say? I know the first word is Clemson, but I can't read the second one.

Jennifer Harris said...

I'll give you one guess.... :)


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