July 15, 2010

21 Facts About 21 Months

-Yellow is your favorite color.  Your favorite thing is a car.  You get really excited when you spot a car that is also yellow.

-You love to sit in my lap and read books, usually the same few over and over and over....

-Your favorite food is a PB&J and it's my go-to meal when you refuse to eat anything else.  I make it on whole wheat bread with natural peanut butter and reduced sugar jelly.  It's healthy and you don't even know it!

-You love to put your shoes on because it usually means were about to go.

-You like 2% milk much better than whole milk but would prefer to drink water with about an ounce of juice mixed in for flavor.

-You call me Mommy and I LOVE it!

-You will stop whatever you're doing and come running when I mention bath time.

-You love to dance and move and can imitate dance moves you see with precision.  Your favorite song to dance to is Dr. Knickerbocker by the Wiggles.  The counting part is your favorite.

-You wave and say "hi" and "bye bye" to everyone we pass when we're out shopping.  You are such a friendly little boy!

-You think anything long and slender can be used as a baseball bat.  This includes hair brushes, remote controls, water bottles, utensils, etc.

-You ride around the house on your Leap Frog Train every-single-day.

-You can't make it past noon without a nap and sleep for about 2-3 hours every afternoon.

-You love to watch Dora the Explorer and you even talk back to the tv when they ask questions.

-When you get tired you like to cuddle up with me on the couch.  It's one of my favorite times.

-You don't like it when I put my hands on top of the shopping cart handle to push because that's the track for your toy cars.  I usually end up pushing the cart from the sides.

-Speaking of shopping carts, you love to ride in the race car cart at Publix.  You grab hold of the steering wheel and say "wheeee" when I push you up and down the aisles.

-You gave up your bottles months ago without a fight but you still take a paci when you go to sleep.

-You said your first sentence this month, "Dada, you do it too."  It came after we were all shouting "goooaaalll" during one of the World Cup games.

-All I have to do is look at you and smile and you'll grin right back at me and giggle.

-You like to look around the room, point to, and call out the names of everyone there.

-You are a smart, friendly, active and loving little boy and I adore watching you grow up before my very eyes.    I can't believe you'll be 2 in just 3 more months!!

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