July 6, 2010

Owen is 2 Months!

Holy cow these babies grow up fast!  Owen turned 2 months old on July 4th and he went for his 2 month well visit this morning.  He cooed and smiled at our doctor and loved looking at himself in the big mirror!  He wore his personalized green plaid jon jon (thanks Alan & Kathy!!) which he just wore last weekend and he was almost busting through the snaps at the bottom!  It's our favorite outfit though (and the nurses loved it too), so I think I'm going to buy one of those extenders so we can get more use out of it.  I just forgot how quickly they grow at this age, it truly is amazing!  Here are Owen's growth stats and a few more fun things about my little 2 month old:

-Owen is 13.6 lbs. which puts him in the 88th %tile and he's 24.5 inches long which puts him in the 90th %tile!!  In one month he's gained close to 2 lbs. and has grown over 2 inches!!  His noggin measured 16 inches which is in the 84th%tile.

-I find it hard to believe myself sometimes, but Owen is sleeping through the night and has been doing so since he was about 6 weeks old!!!  He usually sleeps between 7-9 hours at night without a single waking.  We put him down at 10pm last night and I had to wake him up at 7:30 this morning so we could make it to the doctor's office on time!

-Since he's sleeping so well people seem to assume I'm giving him some formula or rice cereal, but this little boy is still 100% breastfed and it's still going wonderfully.  He's a fast eater and will usually nurse for about 15 minutes every 3-4 hours during the day.

-Owen started smiling around 5 weeks and it's nothing short of adorable!  He's such a happy boy and loves to smile and coo and has even let out a few little laughs.  He just lights up whenever he sees us and sometimes gets so excited his arms and legs start flailing around and he'll let out a shriek!  It just melts me, it truly does.

-Owen is so laid back and easy going and will usually only fuss when he's hungry or getting tired.  He had a fussy spell for about 2 weeks when he was just over a month old when we were dealing with some reflux issues, but those issues have seemed to work themselves out on their own now and he's just about as happy as he could be!

-Owen still won't take to a pacifier.  We've tried and continue to try on occasion but he just doesn't seem to care for it or even need it for the most part.  I certainly wouldn't mind if he took one knowing how well  it got Austin through some public meltdown moments, but at least I'll never have to deal with taking it away.

-Bath time is still a happy time and Owen enjoys a bath about every other night.

-When we're not smothering him with kisses and snuggles, Owen enjoys being in his swing, rocking in the glider, playing in his playgym and just laying on the floor and stretching out his arms and legs!  He also enjoys car rides and strolling.

-In his short 2 months Owen has had dozens of visitors, made several trips to Columbia, been to his first baby shower, spent a week at the beach, gone to several restaurants and made many a trip to the pool, mall, Target, Costco, Babies R Us, etc. People said that having 2 this young would slow us down but I've yet to see the effects of it, we just have to bring a lot more stuff!

-In the past 2 months Owen has met two future girlfriends, Salem and Bailey.  In about a month he'll get to meet his 3rd future girlfriend, baby girl McIlravy!  Looks like he's going to be a ladies man unless some of my friends out there start having some boys already!!  :-)

-Gosh, I feel like I'm bragging just listing all these remarkable things about my baby boy, but he really just might be the perfect baby!  I wonder though how much of it has to do with the fact that, as parents, we've done this before and are much less uptight and stressed out.  I mean, taking care of a newborn is cake when you've got a wild toddler running around!!!

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Keri said...

I absolutely CANNOT believe it has been two months. Time is flying by incredibly fast!! That is just amazing. It's a good thing you keep this blog and take so many pictures, otherwise, all of these milestones would just fade into a really busy memory!!
It's true! Owen will never want for prom dates!! :) Can't wait to see yall soon!!


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