July 22, 2010

Double Baby Bath Time

Last night was one of those rare nights when neither kid was on their regular schedule and Ryan wouldn't be home until late.  So, it was just me, a wild and wide awake toddler and his sleepy (and getting cranky) little brother.

I decided to give Owen a bath to settle him down, but when that bath water started running, so did Austin, straight for the tub!  I couldn't keep that bath lovin' baby away so I just decided to give it a shot and have our first double baby bath time.

Little did I know both boys would enjoy bathing together so much and it would turn out to be the highlight of my day as well!  Also, who knew the ice cream container from the Greenville Drive games would make such a fun and interesting bath toy!

I dare you not to smile while looking at the following pictures.  :)

"Mommy, what is he doing in my bath?"
"This hat is a little too small for me..."
"...but, just maybe..."
"I think it fits!"
"One little adjustment..."
"There!  Perfect!"
"Ok, my turn!"

1 comment:

Kathy said...

I think we'll have many double bath times in our future! Such cute pictures! I'm so intrigued by that bath pod thing, too! We may just have to get one for #2!


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