July 27, 2010

The (Not)Eating Cycle

Eating...not eating...eating...not eating...

Austin is constantly rotating through this cycle and it's beyond frustrating.  Once I think he's finally in a good place for a few days, trying new things, eating things I know he likes, acting interested in food...he reverts back to the not eating part of the cycle and I just don't understand it and I get scared he's not getting the proper nutrition an active, growing toddler needs!!

When he was in one of his good eating spells a few weeks ago I went to the grocery store and bought stuff to make a bunch of yummy and healthy new meals.  I was so excited to let him try pita pizzas, corn on the cob, veggie burgers, hummus...and then, snap, he decided it was going to be nothing but PB&J, oatmeal, applesauce and yogurt.  I don't think he touched a vegetable for weeks!

A month ago he couldn't get enough of peas and corn and now he won't even put them in his mouth.  He used to love a grilled cheese and this week he won't take a single bite.  Pasta was his new favorite meal and now he just wants to stab it with his fork and put it in my mouth.  Chicken nuggets were always a winner and now he feeds them to the dog.

The past few weeks have been especially difficult because that dreaded teething started up again.  There seemed to be more food on my floor at any given time than in his belly. Austin was in so much pain that he would just randomly start crying in the middle of playing and couldn't even nap for long without waking in a puddle of tears and drool.  Those molars were a doozie!

Today he ate 2 chicken nuggets at lunch and a piece of zucchini at dinner.  I have high hopes that we're getting back into the "eating" part of the cycle, for at least a little while.  In the meantime, however, in dealing with his nutrition, Austin still loves his milk, gummy vitamins and will eat a cup of this at least twice a day:

Oh, how I love you, Yo Baby.
You sneaky little devils, you!

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The Bridges said...

I can totally relate! Brayden ate 1/4 a piece of toast yesterday......all day!! I know people say its a "phase" and they will get through it, but not eating has me worried about him all the time!


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