July 29, 2010

Double H-O-T

Not only is the heat index in the 100's here in the upstate of SC, but as it turns out, our AC units just aren't big enough or powerful enough to keep our house below 80.  We spent $400 to have someone come and tell us that.  Gosh, don't you just love throwing away $400?!  That would have gotten me that double stroller I've been wanting AND an entire new wardrobe at Kohl's with my 30% off coupon.  Putting it that way kind of makes me want to cry...

Anyway, you just don't know how miserable it is to run around after kids, take showers, get ready, do laundry, cook and clean with a constant flow of sweat dripping off your forehead.  It wouldn't be that bad if I could just sit back in shorts and a tank top all day, but I've got two little portable heaters (aka Austin & Owen) hanging out on me at all times in addition to running around taking care of the household chores.

I had been complaining about the heat for weeks, but my dear husband just didn't seem to understand.....until he woke up from a Sunday afternoon nap completely drenched.  Funny how it takes a man to experience something for himself before he will believe that his wife hasn't just been nagging and complaining for fun.

So, I was on the phone when Ryan got up from his nap in the sauna better known as our bedroom, and the next thing I know, I'm watching as he's running around getting himself and Austin dressed to go to Costco and try and find a solution to our AC woes.  I looked up from my phone call to say goodbye to my boys and this is what I saw:

Not only are they wearing matching novelty shirts, but Austin's shirt is about 2 sizes too small and it's paired with his nice Vive La Fete seersucker shorts that he wore to church that morning.  The whole ensemble is topped off with Austin's bright orange Crocs, because apparently Crocs go with everything...  

I let the outfit slide since I wasn't accompanying them on this trip and wouldn't have to endure the odd looks.  Not to mention, it wasn't even close to topping this unforgettable fashion faux pas:

It all worked out pretty good though, because an hour later they brought home this little goodie:

Hey, were not above having a portable AC unit on the floor of our bedroom!  Especially if it means for a sweat-free night's sleep!

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