July 18, 2010

Picture Parade

I don't really have anything to actually blog about right now but I feel like I should since its been a few days.  Besides our weekly trip to Barnes & Noble and a few quick shopping trips, we basically just hung out around the house and did a lot of nothing!  So, since I have nothing to really say right now, enjoy the parade of pictures from our rather uneventful week!

This was the best shot I could get of both boys in their matching shirts!

"Mom, I think it's about time for supper!"

"Mmmm, blueberries!"


Owen loves to sit up and look around!

You're never too big for the bébéPOD!

Look who found his thumb!

Austin helped me bake (I mean taste) again!

"I just need one more ball!"

Impromptu photo shoot.  Look at that sweet baby face!


Austin saying hi to everyone at Whole Foods.

Owen is not so sure about his big brother driving him through the grocery store!
By the way, who knew two small children could take up an entire shopping cart?!
I had to carry a separate basket for the actual groceries!  :-)


Keri said...

What do their matching shirts say?

I just got a glimpse of the future when I saw Austin's windswept hair and driving the buggy! :)

Mimi said...

You go to the grocery store with both boys??!! Aren't you brave--and you must not need too many groceries!!


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