July 20, 2010

Toys 4 a 1 Year Old

A mommy friend of mine recently wrote to me and asked that I suggest some toys for the upcoming 1st birthday of her twins.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to not only put together a great list of some of Austin's favorite things, but to blog the list and share it with anyone else who might also like some suggestions!

Here is a list of toys that seemed to entertain for months and totally get their moneys worth in my opinion.  If anyone else has any suggestions, feel free to add on!

1.  Leap Frog Ride-On Train (or any ride on toy for that matter) -He got that one for Christmas and has seriously played with it every single day since then.  At first he just liked to play with the knobs and buttons and have it make sounds, but now he does that and rides it all over the house on a daily basis!

2.  Nesting Blocks - At first we would build the towers and he loved to knock them down but now he is able to build on his own....and still loves to knock them down.

3.  Sing Along Stage - This has been a favorite from the beginning and we still put it on rotation and it still gets played with constantly!  Even Austin's little friends who would come over would love this thing.  The songs are really cute and catchy and the mirror is always and big hit!

4.  Sensory Balls - He became obsessed with these balls after playing with them at Bouncing Babies and they pretty much started his love affair with all things round.

5.  Cookie Shape Sorter - Austin had this since he was 6 months but didn't really learn how to use it until he was about 1.  At first he just liked to put the shapes in the top and dump them out and make the jar make sounds and light up.  Now that he knows his shapes, numbers and colors he likes to tell me what color and number is on each cookie and make it fit in the appropriate place.

6.  Laugh & Learn Home - Every child I've ever met has loved this thing!  Austin got kind of bored of it after a few months and it took up a lot of space in our living room so we moved it upstairs to the other play area, but now he plays with it every time he goes up there!  It has so many fun things to do and cute music and sounds.

7.  Leap Frog Music Table - This is another favorite that has been around since Austin was just sitting up (and standing as you can see).  He loved to push and pull all the buttons and turn the page in the middle.  He liked to pull up on it before he started walking and would dance along with the music.  This one is upstairs now too, but now that he's older he gets the learning aspect of it and likes to sing along with the abc song, say the colors of the piano keys, push the shapes and he still dances to the music!

8.  Busy Poppin' Pals - Austin was obsessed with this thing for months!!  It took him awhile to learn how to make each one pop up but he loved to try and could do all 5 by around 15 months.  It's a little too easy for him now, but we'll bring it out every month or so and he'll still mess with it for awhile.

9.  Fisher Price Superstar Stacker-  There's a good chance you already have one of these, but Austin played with this for a long time as well.  It's a little too young for him now as well, but he'll still put it together to watch it light up.

10.  Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon- Hands down the best gift Austin got for his 1st birthday!!  He quit enjoying riding around in his stroller so we tried him in the wagon and he still loves it!!  This wagon also has 2 seats, straps and cup holders.  We take him on rides through the neighborhood and to the zoo and park in it.  He gets the enjoyment of riding without being so constricted and he can see out in all directions.

11.  Board Books- Austin has always loved to read but would really sit and listen and become engaged in a book after he turned 1.  He's always liked touch and feel books or books that make you do certain activities like lift a flap etc.

12.  Learn & Sing Teddy - He actually wasn't that into this at first but really started to like it in the past several months.  It's really cute and educational.

13.  Busy Ball Popper- This is just a really neat toy that's fun to watch and to play with.  It only lasts for a few minutes at a time in our house though because the balls pop everywhere and eventually roll under the furniture not to be seen again for a few days.  Austin has enjoyed this one for many, many months though.

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