July 8, 2010

Latest Obsession

On about a weekly basis I take Austin to Barnes & Noble to play with his latest obsession, the Thomas the Train table.  He sure loves those choo-choo trains...or anything with wheels for that matter.  He will spend a solid 30 minutes playing with those trains while I sit back and read a magazine.  I've yet to find a way to leave, however, without a whiny tantrum, but I guess that's the price you pay for a half hour of quiet playtime!

A lot of times I'll forgo the magazine and just sit back and watch Austin play.  He loves pushing the trains through the tunnels and over the bridges, putting all the trains together, crashing them and sending them racing down the hills.  He especially likes it when other kids are there to play trains with him.  There was a little 2.5 year old boy there last time who kept handing some of the train cars to Austin at which time Austin would say "thank you, welcome."  I love that he has really grasped the concept of "thank you" and think it's especially cute that he also says welcome to himself. :-)

So all you moms out there looking for some good cheap fun this summer, just head on over to your local B&N!  Did I mention they also have story times and a giant bucket of crayons?  Seriously, it's like toddler heaven!

Oh, and in case you were wondering...
Owen is a fan of B&N too!

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Welcome to the choo choo obsession that is thomas the train! I see a train table in your future :).


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