January 2, 2011

2010 Rewind

January - We took our annual ski trip with the Johnson and Murphy families.  Austin was 15 months old and I was 6 months pregnant with Owen!

 February - We see Owen in 4D for the first time!!

 March - Aaron's sweet baby girl, Salem, was born...

 ...and twin sister, Ashley, got married!

 April - Austin turns 18 months old...

 ...and Owen is expected to make his debut any day!

 May - My precious baby boy, Owen, is born and our family is complete!!

 June - We take our first family (of 4) vacation to Hilton Head.

July - My best friend, Keri, gives birth to sweet baby Blair!

August - Ryan and I celebrate 3 wonderful years of marriage!

September - We take our 2nd beach trip of the summer back to Hilton Head...

 ...and it's the start of Clemson football!

October - Austin turns 2!!

...and Ryan starts his new job in Charlotte.

November - Owen turns 6 months old!

...and here comes basketball season!

December - We celebrate a wonderful holiday season as a family of 4!

2010 was a pretty wonderful year...
...we can't wait to see what 2011 holds!!


Keri said...

I love this! What a great idea! You should do this everywhere. Also, I really love these colors on the borders! :)can't wait to chat tomorrow. I would love if you would call around car pool time! (about 2, if you can).

Keri said...

*every year, not everywhere. Silly me


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