January 17, 2011

Really long post about a Saturday afternoon...

The process for taking the Bar exam in NC really is a pain in the rear.  They required that Ryan (and all other future NC attorneys) attend a 5 minute face-to-face meeting in Charlotte on Saturday at 2pm.  Doesn't that just ruin the entire day, right?  Well, with all the work and studying Ryan has been doing lately, we decided that another weekend just could not go by without some quality family time, so me and the boys went to Charlotte too!

There were a lot of fun activities to choose from, but we decided to go to the Discovery Place museum which just happens to be only 2 blocks from Ryan's new office. So, we took a quick tour of daddy's building, ate some lunch, and then headed down the street for some fun.  It was a lot like the Children's Museum in Greenville, but with a few more fun extras.  Austin loved the aquarium portion and looking at all the fish.  His favorites were definitely the sea horses.  But the biggest hit of the afternoon was the 3D theatre!  Figuring it would be too much for Owen to process, he just sat on my lap and watched the blurry screen, but Austin sported his cool 3D shades and had a blast!!  

The first picture that popped out of the screen was an image of a globe and Austin kept trying to touch it.  It was hilarious watching him continuously reaching out for it.  He jumped quite a bit at some of the things he saw coming towards him but thought it was great.  He kept trying to tell us everything that he was seeing and was getting so excited that he was being pretty loud.  The craziest part was when this giant snake was slowing slithering out of the screen and hissing.  I was actually a little scared and ended up looking away, but Austin didn't budge.  He wasn't scared a bit and Ryan and I were very impressed with how well he did and it made us so happy to see him enjoying this new experience.

There were so many things to do and see and in the 3 hours we were there we still didn't get to do it all.  I'll let the pictures walk you through the rest of our adventure at Discovery Place:

Sitting in the car waiting for daddy's interview to be over with.

The Charlotte skyline, Ryan's building is the tallest one on the left.

A close-up of Ryan's building.

During our tour of the building, we sat down to eat by this fountain.  Austin loved it and kept saying "Look Owie! Look at fountain Owie!"

Discovery Place had a great little area for babies and toddlers to play.  Owen loved the mirrored wall.

Here is Owen inside the playhouse making faces at mommy!

There was just so much going on!

He loved his little play area, but you know the saying, the grass is always greener on the other side!

Austin found a little buddy and they had fun jumping in the piles of beanbags.

They had some really creative musical instruments, like hitting these pipes with foam mallets to make different sounds.

This pots and pans drum set was probably the highlight of the place.  There was a line of kids just waiting to get on there and play.  I patiently waited and then pounced on the chair as soon as some little girl was done and then had to hurry Austin over from the giant lite brite to come play.  In those few seconds, a little boy came over and tried to get me to leave and I politely asked him to wait a few minutes, that we had been waiting a long time for our son's turn.  Then, as soon as Austin sat down to play, another girl came and stood thisclose to us waiting to jump in the second we were through.  It was madness!!  And all to bang on a few pots and pans...

I thought this wind tunnel was pretty neat.  They had capes and rings of ribbon for you to let blow in the wind.   I might have had more fun in this exhibit than Austin....

And this is where Austin spent the majority of our final hour.  He had a blast dancing and going crazy in this small room filled with music and other kids.  When you stepped on those circles on the floor, each one made a different sound and you could make your own rhythm.

Oh the fish...he could have watched them for hours!  Here he is waving hello to each one that swam by.

The science areas of the museum were not as toddler friendly, but even though he didn't understand the theme behind the exhibits, Austin thought that balls floating in mid air were still pretty cool!

Just watching the red balls drop down the chutes one by one...

...and then realizing that what you got to do to make them drop was a lot more fun!

There was a whole section filled with tables of big and little blocks for kids to channel their inner architect.  Austin repressed his urge to "knock 'em down" for just a few minutes to help build a pretty impressive "house."

And there you have it, an extremely long and detailed post on how we spent our Saturday afternoon.  Amazing what I can spit out when I achieve double nap time!!  :-)

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Kathy said...

oh my gosh, I laughed out loud reading about how austin tried grabbing the 3d things! too funny!


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