January 12, 2011

Bubbles, Bubbles

Owen had his first bubble bath tonight!

He just really loves baths; especially when he gets to play in the bath without being accompanied by his big brother who splashes, steals toys and takes up too much room in the tub.  Big brother or no big brother, however, this little boy just really adores bath time and bubbles added another element of fun.  Actually, I think Owen was enjoying his solo bath so much that he hardly noticed the bubbles, but it was a fun bath regardless.

Whenever I take him into our bathroom at night and start removing his clothes, he begins giggling and kicking his legs and squirming all around.  He knows what time it is and can hardly control his excitement!  He loves to splash, chew on his foam letters, and pull up on the sides and look over.  Baths are always a fun time in our house!

So, my boys may one day hate me for all the naked bath pictures of them that I've posted on the internet, but is there really anything cuter than little babies in the bathtub?  I think not.

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