January 25, 2011

To a toddler bed we go...

Not even 2 weeks after I ask for advice on whether or not to move Austin from his crib to a bed, he makes the decision for me!

So, the boys both have little colds right now.  Nothing big, just runny noses and congestion mainly, but this morning it was so bad that Austin couldn't even enjoy his favorite breakfast of fresh strawberries, cantaloupe, kiwi and mango.  He couldn't taste and could barely keep his mouth closed long enough to chew because he couldn't breathe so well out of his nose.  I decided that instead of watching him in his misery, I'd try a half dose of Benadryl in hopes of drying things up.  Benadryl turns Austin into a zombie and I don't usually give it to him during the day, but I thought just maybe a half dose would be a little help and hopefully not make him as tired as it usually does.  It looked like I was wrong, because about 30 minutes later he got quiet and mopey and totally engrossed in something that was on TV (which he usually only does when he's tired).  It was about an hour earlier than his usual nap time, but Owen was ready for a nap too and double nap time sounded alright to me, so upstairs we went!

Owen went to sleep immediately and then I read Austin a book and put him in his crib as always.  I came back downstairs, did a few quick things and then sat down on the couch to get on my computer for the first time in 2 days.  Both monitors were directly in front of me and both boys were silent.  I started reading an e-mail when all of a sudden I hear "Hi Mommy!" and see Austin standing right beside me with a huge grin on his face.

I literally jumped out of my seat.  The house had been completely quiet...no TV, no music, no sounds of any type...it was like he came out of no where!  I looked at Austin as if I was seeing a mirage at first.  I honestly thought I was dreaming for a few seconds because I just couldn't believe how he had climbed out of his crib, opened his bedroom door and made it all the way downstairs without me hearing a single noise.

So, once I got over my initial shock and disbelief, back upstairs we went.  One more book and then back in the crib I put him.  He lied down and I walked out, closing the door behind me.  Less than a minute later the door was opening from the other side and out came Austin, still grinning away!  This time I was waiting for him though and immediately put him back in his crib, telling him to stay still and go to sleep.  I closed his door and this time ran downstairs to grab the video monitor and turned on the screen just in time to see him effortlessly throw his leg over the side and lower himself onto the carpet below.  As I was heading back upstairs, Austin was cruising down the hallway just as calm and happy as he could be.  I figured I'd give it one more try.  Two books, 2 pacis, 4 toy cars, 3 blankies, 2 glowworms and Austin, all in the crib.  And I hated to do it, but this time I left with the threat of a pop on the bottom if he climbed out again.

I made it back downstairs to find him still lying down in his crib just playing with his cars.  I sat with my eyes glued to that monitor, and for almost 10 minutes he laid there quietly until it seemed to finally dawn on him that a pop on the bottom didn't seem nearly as bad as being alone in his crib and not tired.  At that time I also realized that maybe he just wasn't as tired as I thought he was and I met him at the top of the stairs, promising not to go through with my previous threat.

For almost two more hours we played downstairs until he took up residence in my lap and sat still for a good 20 minutes, laying his head on my shoulder.  I asked if he was ready for a nap and to my surprise he said yes!  I put him down in his crib as I always had and there he stayed until he fell asleep a few minutes later.

Nighttime was not an issue, but I did wait until almost 10pm to make sure he was good and tired.  I left a few lights on for him in case he decided to get up in the middle of the night, but didn't hear from him until almost 9am...which is a record around here!  He strolled into the living room after coming downstairs himself and said "I get out bed and walk downstairs!"  He was so proud.

So, this weekend we will switch to the toddler bed and see how that goes.  Maybe we will be surprised!  I'll be sure to let you know how it goes and for those of you who have does this before, feel free to offer up any advice.  This should be interesting!

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Keri said...

Oh wow!! The only advice I have is let him pick something for his new big boy bed like the sheets or bed spread or pillow. And, make it a big deal about the big boy stuff like, "you are a big boy now so you get to choose your big boy sheets." And, if he anything like Kylie you will hate them, but get them anyway b/c it will make it "his". :)


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