January 12, 2011

Snow Day #2

I should really call this "ice day" since the snow was actually covered with a layer of ice after everything froze overnight.  Either way, we didn't have enough time in the snow the day before so we ventured back out yesterday afternoon.  The main goal was to make a snowman since the snow was a little more packable with the addition of the ice.  Monday the snow was so powdery that we couldn't even form a good snowball to launch at our unsuspecting 2 year old.  Total bummer...

So, Ryan and Austin worked diligently on the snowman while I got Owen ready for his 2011 blizzard debut.  It's hard to believe that in his 8 months he's already seen a White Christmas and the states biggest snow in over 20 years!  What a crazy winter it has been...

When the snowman was done, I decided that instead of a snowman we should have a snowwoman.  I'm already terribly outnumbered by men in this house as it is and we also needed a snowmommy stand in since someone (me) had to take the picture.  I think she turned out quite nice and life-sized!

But before our snowwoman picture, Austin walked off and reappeared from the bushes moments later sucking on the biggest icicle we've ever seen.  Still have no idea where that thing came from, but it was pretty much the highlight of his day.  It was not easy prying that thing out of his little mittens either, but we couldn't allow giant icicles in the house. Actually, we had to promise to give him a piece of ice from the freezer instead just to get him through the door without a terrible meltdown.  He took off his mittens and took hold of the ice cube only to realize that his hands were getting cold and numb.  He eventually requested we put his mittens back on while he ate his cube of ice in the living room.  Quite the different attitude from the previous day!!

And here are the pictures from snow day #2:

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